Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Centre MITHRADHAM

Chunangamveli, Aluva / Kerala, India

10 years Mithradham

The first fully solar educational institution in India

  • A pilot NGO initiative in India for propagation of renewable energy.
  • A model for sustainable and holistic development.
  • A model for organic cultivation of vegetables, fruits and spices.
  • A model for Indo-German cooperation in environment and renewable energy.


Mithradham is an Institutional Partner of the International Society for the Promotion of Environment and Renewable Energy ISPERE consisting of an informal group of committed experts. The group offers special support for the overall development of the project in terms of informational exchange, propagation of relevant technologies and intermediation. The members of the group are involved in generating good will from extended contacts opening up new possibilities, new ideas, concepts, approaches and new initiatives.

Member of WCRE

Mithradham is a member of the World Council for Renewable Energy WCRE, a global voice for Renewable Energies by communicating the urgent and global need for Renewable Energies.


Project coordination

The Verein zur Foerderung Entwicklungswichtiger Vorhaben e.V. (VEV) is a major stakeholder in the conception and growth of Renewable Energy Centre Mithradham. VEV is a registered charitable society in Stuttgart, Germany from 1995.

The objectives of the society includes among others

  • promotion of intercultural dialogue
  • promotion of education and research
  • promotion of scial and charitable institution
  • promotion of environment protection in developing countries

The society was built upon contacts with known individuals and institutions who could contribute to achieve the above objectives. Special attention was given to bind together various stake holders such as industry, politics, church, educational institutions and NGOs in a mutually strengthening network.

EUROSOLAR has recognised the contribution of VEV and awarded the German Solar Prize 2005 for the development of Renewable Energy Centre Mithradham in Kerala, India, in the category of one world cooperation.

The One World Prize of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg in 2007 awarded to VEV is a sign of recognition of the people of Germany for the unique work done by VEV in building contacts between Germany and India.

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